ANKAFERD bloodstopper

Ankaferd BloodStopper (ABS) is a herbal extract that has been used folklorically as a hemostatic agent in traditional Turkish medicine. ABS consists of a standardized blend of Thymus vulgaris, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Vitis vinifera, Alpinia officinarum and Urtica dioica plants. All of these herbs alone are effective on endothelium, blood cells, angiogenesis, cellular reproduction, vascular dynamics and mediators. As supported by the literature information about the plants in its content, the mechanism of action of ABS, which has hemostatic effects in animals, is being tried to be clarified by in vitro studies. The use of intermediates in dental treatment in humans constitutes the first unofficial clues to the safety of ABS in humans. A randomized, double-blind, cross-over study, in comparison with placebo, in which the safety of topical use of ABS in healthy volunteers was investigated in Turkey, with the aim of applying a well-designed controlled protocol to demonstrate the safety of both tropical and oral use of ABS in humans. A phase I clinical trial was conducted and concluded in November 2008.

'Ankaferd BloodStopper' anticoagulant preparation; It creates a network in plasma and serum in a short time (at the level of seconds). As a result of the general hemostatic and biochemical tests, it has been revealed that this structure network is formed with the mutual interaction of Ankaferd BloodStopper with the proteins in the blood and mainly with fibrinogen, and it provides the vital aggregation of the red blood cells. In this process, the blood arrest process that will allow tissue repair is basically related to protein erythrocyte interaction. Blood cells also accompany this network. In the Ankaferd Bloodstopper network, the physiological hemostatic process develops independently of the tissue factor-related blood coagulation structure, without disrupting this system. Therefore, Ankaferd BloodStopper is effective both in individuals with normal hemostatic values and in individuals with defective primary or secondary hemostasis. 'Ankaferd BloodStopper' can also be used safely as an auxiliary product for clinical use to stop heavy external bleeding, including mucosal cracks. Ankaferd BloodStopper should not be placed into a vein or into the blood circulation system.

  • Type

    absorbable wet tampon,
    wet bumper,
    Push&stop Bumper,
    Spray and Ampoule

  • • Advantages in Medical Use
    • - Works independently from the classical coagulation system
    • -- It shows its hemostatic effect with vital physiological erythrocyte aggregation in protein network environment.
    • - Shows its effect in plasma, blood or serum in a split second in vitro and within seconds in vivo.
    • - - It is very easy to apply because it is in liquid form.
  • • Advantages in Safe Use
    • -o - It does not contain any risk in terms of human health.
    • - Does not cause irritation.
    • - - It does not contain bacteria/fungi inside and where it is applied.
    • - 100% herbal. It does not contain any inorganic/synthetic additives.
    • - o - It is not necessary to clean the area after application.
    • -o - There is no special storage condition, cold chain etc. not required.
  • Ankaferd, As a One-of-a-kind and Unique Product;

    -It is 100% Turkish invention.
    -It is produced by our company with 100% Turkish capital and offered to the service of humanity.
    - - T.C. It is the first Turkish product licensed by the Ministry of Health.
    - - In addition to its ability to stop bleeding, it has been demonstrated by scientific studies that Ankaferd has other medical benefits. Tissue healing properties have been identified in scientific studies.